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Kirby J. Scofield

New Construction

Builders are exploding in Southern Nevada!   With the supply being low, due to AB 284, they have put themselves into HIGH GEAR.  with over 800 new homsites to be built within the next year, and many more being purchased.   With a builder you get incentives sometimes, such as Closing costs paid, builder incentive for upgrades etc.   You also get to pick out the home you want, the options you want, and it is NEW, never lived in.

The benefit of this SURGE, is the builders are being competitive, so there are homes from 125k, and we get to represent you as a Realtor, to be sure that contract is solid, and you are protected.

They are currently taking 3-4months to build, THATS IT!!!!!

Please send me an email, with this criteria.

Name, Email, Phone

Price Range, Area/Community/Zip Code Preferred, and amenities wanted


I will be your concierge to the builders, to find what is available and get that PERFECT home!

email me criteria to  or fill out info below.